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Stealth Camping...


What is stealth camping?

Whether you call it stealth camping, urban camping, off grid camping, wild camping or sleeping under the stars, this kind of camping refers to pitching your tent in an area outside of a campsite. It quite simply means kipping for the night and removing yourself quietly in the morning without being detected or disturbing your surrounds.

There is also camping in your campervan anywhere for free in a location not designated for camping and doing it undetected. Most people stealth camp for the fact it is free and being undetected. this decision should not be priority. If there is someone to ask then by all means do. Your safety and well being should be your first priority.
You might want to ask a business owner you've made a purchase from if you could park overnight in there carpark. Asking the people who live there could serve to take away any uncertainty.

MORE TO COME ON STEALTH CAMPING IN LATER POSTS............................................

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