Why Become a Patron?

Why become a Patron?

You may have heard us encouraging subscribers to become a Patron of the 
ScudoCamper -Variety TV and Westcountry channels. 
I also add regular videos and content to our community group over on Facebook.

What is this and why should you consider becoming one of our Patrons?

I  love doing our videos – as if you didn’t know this already! So I think I am doing something 
right, and I am providing fun, entertaining, educational and lighthearted videos for the 
Producing the videos does come at a cost – financially and time. Im committed to 
keep pumping out at least two videos every week and I don’t expect this to change. 
If you do enjoy our Videos you can help us by becoming a Patron by going to the 
sidebar on the right ( Become a patron). 

Sign up and a monthly donation helps to offset our travel, website, and recording, editing costs, trips to different locations and places of interest, for better camera equipment and for better professional editing software.(which definitely adds up over a  year).


I've been really fortunate to have grown such a passionate, engaged, and interesting audience, and it's been great to read your comments, see the discussions my reviews spawn, and meet some of you in person over the years. Thank you so much for your support of the series up to this point.

We call this ‘Giving us encouragement”

Thanks for reading this, and I will see you soon!


NOTE: you can easily give us a once-off donation, if that is what you want, by clicking the 
donate button on the left side of the page.

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